Literature as Hypertext
The blogging hall of fame.
Aaron Swartz
Wrote at Raw Thought
A restatement of definite optimism
College as an incubator of Girardian terror
Scott Alexander
José Luis Ricón Fernández
Writes at Nintil
Rohit Krishnan
Why we should radically scale genius grants
Talent spotting, Berkson's paradox and enabling luck
Why we might need something like tenure for many more people, to cultivate more thinkers in a doer's world
Examining the social networks essential to innovation
Creating mini worlds
Venkatesh Rao
Writes at Ribbonfarm
Roger's Bacon
Erik Hoel
Geniuses of the past were aristocratically tutored
A new explanation for dreaming suggests it does something far more profound than reinforcing learning as we sleep. It might even explain our love of stories.
How today’s novelists cope with their HBO anxiety
A proposal to ban AI research by treating it like human-animal hybrids
A trip to the hospital is more real than your politics
Crispy Chicken
Writes at McLegibilist
What holds scientific discourses together?
Shared relative differences as foundational linguistic reference points
Easily defensible claims are for Wikipedia and losers
Dan Luu
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Writes at
How many of our greatest minds have we lost?
There’s a persistent myth among unhappily employed people that “if I could just quit my day job and pursue my passion full time, I would finally be satisfied”. It’s me, I’m the unhappy person.
Think hard, write words, get an audience, find out for yourself.
It’s been 13 years since Yudkowsky wrote “Rationality is Systematized Winning”. So where are all the winners?
This post is about how little work people do, but it starts with stories of unusually high output.
Zvi Mowshowitz
Jacob Falkovich
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Writes at bookbear express
Simon Sarris
The world is a very malleable place.
What the Rationalistic World Forgot
It is not down in any map; true places never are.
The knowledge of a carpenter is in his hands. The apprentice must work with his own to discover it.
If we want the forest, we must continue to garden and sow.
Writes at Egg Report
The new paradigm we've all been waiting for
A preparatory history and epistemology, as groundwork for a re-establishment of a human culture
winter depression essay
What you call "identity" and "consciousness" was invented in 5000 BC by guys like me, to sell copper
Dating App “just the tip”s & tricks
Edward Teach
Hotel Concierge
Writes at Hotel Conceirge
hey man there’s a hole in my head where information goes
So please take this in the gentlest possible way: you were never that great.
i’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you / that i almost confused map and territory
Without abstraction, there is only one truth: something exists. I suppose it’s better than nothing.
i waited 75 years and all i got was this lousy t-shirt
Sasha Chapin
Stupid lyrics are good for you. Bad lyrics are just bad.
It's not a technique problem, it's a sincerity problem
He always maintained that he loved making his music, even as his music usually claimed that he didn’t love much at all.
some maundering about why i go to fewer parties
0HP Lovecraft
seduction in a future world of sexbots and augmented reality
a horror of blockchains and microjobs.
the quantified self in the world of direct-to-brain interfaces
An essay on science fiction, Seraphim Rose, Peter Thiel, and the possibility of optimistic futurism.
A meditation on tool-assisted composition.